Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spore Release Date Announced!


I've been waiting years for Spore. It's been in development since I was in college. I believe it was announced that Will Wright was to begin work on his opus sometime in 2001. When I first heard of Spore (then called "Sim Everything") I knew then it was going to be amazing. What I didn't know was the scope and depth that the subsequent 7 years of development would bring to the project.

Spore is what Mr. Wright's original title suggests: it's an everything simulator. The game is divided into many stages of a creature's evolution. You start out as a little single-celled organism. Through this fl0w-like initial sequence of eat or be eaten, you make your initial choices that guide the rest of your species' evolution.

From single cell to simple organism to tribal and community, your creatures grow. When the time comes, they even invent high technologies that allow you to leave your home planet and terra-form other worlds! The galaxy around your tiny home world is in part created by the millions of other players. In the end, the game becomes a sort of instanced MMO where you can destroy or set up intergalactic trade with the civilizations that everyone else has created.

In short, this game is going to be awesome. Check out some game play videos and browse around the official site for more info on this spectacular game.

September 7th couldn't come any quicker.