Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Boy and His Blob Wiimake

Yay! A Boy and his Blob was one of the most intriguing games for the NES. It was a profoundly confusing yet extremely rewarding side scrolling adventure/exploration game. Put simply, you are a boy and you have a blob. Your blob likes to eat jelly beans. Every different flavor of jelly bean turns your blob into useful items such as ladders, bridges, holes, and rockets. These items help you navigate city streets, underground passageways, and planets populated by evil creatures made of puffed sugar.

The most confusing part about the original game was that it had no immediately apparent story. You were simply plopped down in front of your suburban house with nothing but a backpack full of jellybeans and your trusty blob. You've got no motive for feeding your blob jelly beans. No guidance that tells you not to turn your blob into a trampoline and bounce yourself into outer space (aside from common sense, that is). Eventually you find that your goal is searching out the right flavor of jelly bean that turns your blob into a rocket so you can blast off to Sugarville and defeat the evil blob king. You only find out that this is the end of the game when the credits start to roll. Who knew?

From the look of the game art and the buzz around this game, it sounds like the developers are not simply going to port this surreal game; they're doing a bit of reimagining. In addition to making it look beautiful, lets hope the game has a bit of story injected into it. In any case, head on over to Kotaku and take a look at the breaking news then browse the gallery of beautiful looking screen shots! And if you're interested in seeing the first few pages of the Nintendo Power article that spurred this frenzy of excitement, you can find a .jpg of it here. Glad to see that Wiiware is getting something else worth waiting for!